The Original SleepCoffee® Formula Facts

About The Original SleepCoffee® Formulation

Industry leading food scientists developed a safe proprietary herbal formula that could be added to decaffeinated coffee.  SleepCoffee is a specialized unique blend of natural herbal ingredients that promote sleep naturally. 

The Original SleepCoffee® Includes:

Melatonin which helps control sleep-wake cycles.  Naturally produced in the pineal gland in the brain.

Hops used to relieve tension, anxiety and stress.

Passion Flower to aid in the transition from stress to relaxation.

Chamomile to work on the same parts of the brain as anti-anxiety drugs.

Hawthorne Root which contains potent antioxidants that promote improved circulation.

Lemon Balm has calming effects and is commonly used for anxiety, sleep problems and general restlessness.

SleepCoffee is Organic, Non-Gmo, Fair-Trade, Mountian Water Processed Decaf

SleepCoffee is Low Acid and Organic

SleepCoffee uses 100% Chemical Free Decaf

SleepCoffee has 70%-90% Less Acid